Since 1988, Accel has striven to stay on the cutting edge of education. In the coming spring and summer semesters, students and parents will see many changes in Accel¡¯s curriculum and policies. We are including more entertaining activities that are educational as well to stimulate students¡¯ desire to learn in-class and independently. Here are just a few examples of the many changes Accel is making: more scholarships, a more flexible schedule that offers classes on weekday afternoons, literary contests and a student literary magazine, prizes, and newsletters. We hope you will be as excited about these improvements as we are!
  - Do you compose poetry in your diary?
- Do you create short stories to entertain you friends?
- Do you write essays to voice your incisive opinions?
- Would you like to see your original writing in print?
- Would you like to win a prize for your writing?
This summer semester, Accel is putting together a literary magazine made up entirely of selections of student writing.
Ask for details inJuly!
The road to success isn¡¯t always easy. Making the right choices and following the right roads also aren¡¯t easy things to do. When I was enrolled in Accel, I hated it!! However, when I think back to those classes now, I know I made the right choice by attending Accel. Every Saturday I spent in Accel and every penny of the tuition paid off because I learned something more than vocabulary and math and SAT strategies. I learned that it takes guts to make good, but difficult choices. Hard work leads down the road to success. To those students who are currently attending Accel,
if you appreciate the fact that you are learning, good; you¡¯re on the right path--keep up the good work. If you are coming up with excuses to miss classes or copying answers to the homework and cheating on tests, you¡¯re starting down the wrong road. Whether you are attending Accel because your parents want you to or because you want to does not matter. The fact is, you¡¯re at Accel; just listen to at least half of what the teachers are teaching of you do, you¡¯ll appreciate your experiences at Accel and be grateful that you made the right choice by working hard now.
Sun Ki H
Lehight University, freshman