Students entering high school are going to be encountering much harder work and a much
heavier work load than they did in middle school. At this point in their academic careers,
students must begin thinking about college. Any teacher will tell you, the difference between
an average student and an exceptional student is often attitude. It is crucial for college-bound
high school students to maintain the proper attitude toward their learning and a strong work
ethic. If students want to enter the college of their choice in today's highly competitive environment, it is essential that they demonstrate steady high performance.
Class difficulty level in combination with the grades students receive in those classes is the number one aspect of a student¡¯s college application that admissions officers look at. Their class level and grades are even more important than their SAT scores. If students have high SAT scores, but are taking low level classes and/or have poor grades, their chances of getting accepted at a competitive school are not very good. Accel helps students stay ahead and achieve the highest grades in their school classes. It is very easy to see the immediate benefits of Accel¡¯s Math Enrichment Program in school math classes. Most students recognize the benefits of the English Enrichment Program once they enter their senior year or college. It is also very important that parents take an active roll in their children¡¯s education and stay abreast of their progress. Children are very influenced by their peers at this time in their lives. Parents need to know what their children are doing in school and out of school. Accel works with parents and students to synthesize a healthy parent-teacher-student relationship and learning experience.
The Advanced English Enrichment Program for grades 9 and 10 focuses on developing the
skills introduced in Intermediate-level classes. Small classes are grouped by ability level to
assure appropriate materials are being taught. The main goal of these classes is to provide the academic skills necessary to do well on college entrance exams, and in college classes. Accel recognizes the need for students to be able to read critically, and speak and write articulately, which are often wholly overlooked in high schools because of the remedial needs of many students. The students who have the ability to excel are thwarted. A high school curriculum that teaches one novel a semester simply isn't giving these students enough. The most successful students are those who are well-read and actively involved in their education. Accel's curriculum offers challenging reading assignments, abundant vocabulary practice, advanced grammar and composition work, and opportunities to develop public speaking and research skills needed for their future work.
Math courses for high school students cover topics such as advanced algebraic and geometric concepts, various functions, and applications. This program is especially beneficial for students who want to keep up with or stay ahead in their school classes and prepare for a rigorous college curriculum.
Accel¡¯s Enrichment Program¡¯s goals are to instruct, guide, and motivate students to become passionate about fulfilling their educational, personal and professional potential, and reaching their goals. Furthermore, Accel Academy is dedicated to serving families and communities by challenging and encouraging students to become productive and responsible contributors to society.