The beginning years of a student¡¯s education shape the path of instruction they will follow for the next twelve years. It is vital that students have strong fundamental instruction in the early years of their schooling so that when they reach middle school, they are placed in track levels that are appropriate for their learning abilities. Having the ability to comprehend reading material and having a strong working concept of numbers and operations is critical at this stage of learning. These skills help students stay at the head of their classes and will lay the foundation for all their future learning in middle school, high school, and even college. It is also very important that parents take an active roll in their children¡¯s education and stay abreast of their progress. Accel works with parents and students to synthesize a healthy parent-teacher-student relationship and learning experience.
After-school classes for grades K through 5 are offered twice a week for two hours from
September through May. Students are placed in small classes according to their ability levels. Accel runs this program for academic purposes; our programs are not intended for day care and do not include non-academic instruction in areas such as art or music.
The after-school program for grades K through 5 focuses on helping students gain confidence in performing basic skills in both English and math such as phonics, spelling, reading, numerical concepts, operations, and word problems. This program is especially beneficial for students who want to keep up with or stay ahead in their school classes.
Accel¡¯s Enrichment Program¡¯s goals are to foster a love of learning and promote a sense of self confidence that will allow students to achieve as much as possible.