Some students attending regular schools wish to further enhance their education beyond that of what their own schools offer. These days, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to get accepted to colleges of their choice. Students who want to give themselves an edge on their competition need to augment their education by further developing their knowledge of English and math.
Sometimes middle school and elementary school students don¡¯t receive a complete education in English and math. Because of class size, time restrictions, and disciplinary issues, teachers may not have the opportunity to cover all the information and give students complete instruction. Furthermore, sometimes, students are placed in the wrong track and miss out on the level of instruction they are capable of completing. If you feel your child is missing out on some fundamentals, he or she will benefit from Accel¡¯s Enrichment Program.
Accel¡¯s curriculum focuses on the enrichment and supplemental aspects of education;
it is not a full-time elementary, middle, or high school. It is not intended as remedial instruction. Accel¡¯s Enrichment Program focuses on strengthening students¡¯ skills in and knowledge of math and English. Accel¡¯s classes are not one-on-one tutoring. Accel¡¯s courses are taught in small classroom settings--14 to 24 students in each class. Accel offers classes on Saturdays and during after school hours from September through May and weekday classes in the summer from June through August.
In addition to their regular school curriculum, school-aged children benefit from Accel¡¯s year-round math and English enrichment classes. Students receive quality instruction in all levels of elementary, middle, and high school mathematics and English literature, composition, grammar, and vocabulary. Students who meet the requirements may enroll in advanced classes for both math and English. Small classes grouped by ability levels help students enhance skills, master advanced concepts, and become successful, life-long learners.
Those students who are struggling in their classes in Accel can come to Accel after school to get special private tutoring from our certified, professional full-time math and English teachers.