This program is for middle school and high school students from overseas to help them make a smooth transition into American middle and high schools.
Many foreign students come to the United States to study without realizing all the difficulties they will encounter. They are not fully aware of the complexity of English or the emphasis placed on communication skills in American society. The truth is: It is simply too difficult to learn the new language and culture AND a full course load of academic material at the same time. This transition is even more difficult for teenagers who lack the maturity to deal with these pressures.
The ESL classes of most private high schools, if offered at all, are not intended to fill these needs. Accels ESL Program for middle and high school students serves as a necessary bridge to a full-curriculum middle or high school.
Accel strengthens the academic skills of its students and motivates them to set higher standards for themselves academically, professionally, and personally. Accel encourages students to strive for success on all levels of life.
Placement is determined by student performance on the Secondary Level English Proficiency (SLEP) test.
The intensive curriculum focuses on level-appropriate literature, grammar, vocabulary development, and essay and report writing.
Emphasis is also placed on classroom/study skills such as answering and asking questions, critical reading, listening and speaking skills, and research and note-taking skills.
Language learning is further supplemented by vocabulary development and work in content areas such as science and American history.
In order to keep their math skills sharp while students are focusing heavily on English, Accel offers classes in math as well, which require little mastery of English.
Our language programs are taught by American teachers certified to teach English in secondary schools; they are not merely ESL instructors.
In addition to extensive language work, we introduce students to and immerse them in American culture by giving them the opportunity to participate in tours of colleges, museums, historical sites, and other cultural events. Students feel much more comfortable interacting in American society after being part of these controlled experiences.
Other services provided by Accel for students enrolled in this program include school searches, assistance with applying to schools, review of application forms, assistance with essay writing for applications, provision of recommendations, and preparation for interviews. Accel has had many students who have successfully entered and achieved success in their middle and high school classes upon completing this program.
Foreign students must meet specific requirements to get and maintain the student (F-1) visa. For further information regarding F-1 visas or I-20 Certificates of Eligibility