Today, English has permeated societies around the globe. Almost anywhere you go, people need English, even for simple tasks such as using the Internet.
Accel's multi-level programs are open to foreign adult students who want to come to the United States to study, as well as adults already living in the United States who want to improve their English.
Some of our students include:
adults seeking to learn the necessary English to function in workplaces in the U.S.
adults who need English to function in their daily lives
those who would like to learn English for its own sake
international business managers or business executives
seeking to promote their careers and broaden their career
options by acquiring a working knowledge of English
The Adult ESL curriculum for beginning to intermediate students focuses on critical daily-life vocabulary and idioms, and standard useful grammar. It also teaches the phonics and pronunciation necessary to be understood when speaking English. Students benefit greatly from this course by increasing their knowledge of language-centered American culture through the use of level and age-appropriate materials and mixed media. Students gain practical reading, writing, listening and speaking communication skills to aid independence and integration into their communities.
For more advanced students, the Business ESL curriculum reviews basic skills and focuses on teaching intermediate through advanced levels of business-oriented English, including specific vocabulary and idioms related to offices and stores, interactive listening and speaking skills, and business writing. The classes also prepare students for the TOEIC and TOEIC Bridge and Accel Academy is an official testing site for the administration of these internationally recognized tests.

It is Accels goal not only to strengthen the verbal skills of our students, but also to motivate them to set higher standards for themselves professionally and personally. We encourage students to strive for success on all levels of life. After finishing our program, students will be better equipped with the communication skills and critical thinking skills necessary to function in an English-speaking business environment and to achieve in their careers.

Foreign students must meet specific requirements to get and maintain the student (F-1) visa. For further information regarding F-1 visas or I-20 Certificates of Eligibility