The Official TOEFL CBT has four sections. The first section is the Listening Section which is broken down into three parts: short conversations, long conversations, and long academic lectures. The Structure Section tests the grammar and mechanics of English and has two types of questions: fill in the blank and identify the error. The Reading Comprehension Section tests understanding of reading material and vocabulary. There are approximately five reading passages with various types of questions on the reading. The Writing Section requires students to write a well-organized, structurally sound essay in 30 minutes on one topic that is pre-chosen by ETS. Students do not receive a choice of essay topics.
Accel Academy¡¯s College Preparatory TOEFL curriculum focuses on vocabulary, idioms, grammar, composition skills, reading comprehension skills, and conversational skills to strengthen students¡¯ knowledge of written and spoken English so that they can not only improve their TOEFL scores, but also acquire the skills necessary to succeed in college. The curriculum also includes instruction on strategies on all four sections (Listening, Structure, Reading, Writing) of the TOEFL.
Students who have been in the USA for at least 6 years should attempt to bolster their SAT I Verbal scores instead of relying solely on TOEFL scores for admission acceptance. Most of the better colleges require both an SAT I Verbal score and a TOEFL CBT score.
The TOEFL test is administered in two forms. As a college entrance exam, it is administered by computer (Official TOEFL CBT). For students who have already been accepted to college, it may be administered in its pencil-and-paper form (Institutional TOEFL) as a placement test for non-native speakers. Accel¡¯s curriculum prepares students for both formats of the TOEFL test.