Students who plan to apply to the most competitive and the highly selective colleges need to submit SAT II scores. These Subject Area Tests are completely different from the SAT I tests. The SAT II are achievement tests designed to determine how much students know right now, not how much they have the aptitude for learning in the future.
Accel¡¯s SAT II courses are designed for those students who are very serious about improving their SAT II Subject Area test scores. Students must be willing to do all of their homework by themselves with their best effort.
More than twenty percent of the SAT II students per year score a perfect 800 in one or both subjects--that¡¯s more than 10% of all the SAT II students we teach.
20-minute essay
40-minute multiple choice portion

(error identification /sentence improvement / revision-in-context with 60 questions.)
grammar , usage , style , expression , composition.
18 units of English composition elements strategies for all four sections of the test
including the 20-minute essay.
Accel¡¯s goal
strengthens students¡¯ performance
Level Ic and Level IIc
50 multiple-choice questions
Level Ic ....mostly algebra II
...................geometry concepts
Level IIc... mostly pre-calculus concepts
Reviewing the entire spectrum of units that compose pre-calculus.
There is a strong emphasis on algebraic functions, trigonometric functions, and other advanced mathematical concepts.