Students who are attempting to receive the National Merit Scholarship can enroll in Accel in order to achieve their highest possible PSAT scores.
The vast majority of US universities use the SAT I Reasoning Test as a key element for admission. Accel students not only improve their scores on these standardized tests, but also learn essential academic habits and skills for success in college.
Our success preparing students for this important college entrance exam is reflected in our
extraordinary results. Each year, 10 to 15 percent of our students achieve perfect
scores in one or more subjects. Most highly selective and competitive colleges require
students to take the SAT II Subject Area tests.

For students whose native language is not English, Accel offers a TOEFL Prep Program. The students who complete our TOEFL Prep Program are thoroughly prepared for all the reading, writing, and other areas of study requiring skills in English that they will encounter in college.
Accel assists all of its college-bound students in improving their writing for college application essays.

learn strategies from experienced and committed teachers
become familiar with test formats and types of problems
learn how to apply what they have learned when they take the official tests
complete lots of hands-on exercises
be required to make up tests to reinforce re-teaching and re-testing
use most recent actual College Board tests for practice
be motivated and challenged to set higher goal scores
be grouped by ability to maximize classroom productivity
prepare for college exams in an appropriate period of time
be most informed and most up-to-date on current assessment trends
apply knowledge learned in and out of the classroom