We are always looking to embrace students from diverse national backgrounds.
Accel Academy is conveniently located in suburban Philadelphia and is easily accessible
by public transportation.
The beautiful city of Philadelphia is centrally located between New York City and Washington DC. Philadelphia and its surrounding areas offer an enormous amount of culture and entertainment, as well as a vast number of historical resources, opportunities with major corporations and some of the United States finest schools and universities.
Accel Academy is fully certified and licensed by the Pennsylvania Board of Education. Accel Academy is also authorized by Federal law to enroll qualified foreign students. The Academy is a member of NAFSA (National Association of Foreign Student Advisors) and an official TOEIC testing site.

Look how fast the world is changing! It seems every second is important as time speeds onward. We all have very important goals to pursue. However, we all have time to make our futures successful. If you lose your health, you can recuperate. If you lose your fortune, you can regain it. Even if you lose your sweetheart, you can find another. However, once you lose your time, you can never get it back.
Whether you are going to be the person you want to be or not depends upon how you use your time right now. Set your goal high and make the most of every opportunity to accomplish your goal by investing your time wisely.

In Pak,
PrincipalAccel Academy