In addition to improving the quality of its students lives, it has made significant contributions in several academic and non-academic areas.

Accel Academy is a state-certified, accredited private school that offers K-10 Math and English Enrichment Programs, College Test Prep Programs (SAT I & II), and ESL/TOEFL Programs. Classes are divided into Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters.
Accel Academy¡¯s English Language Program for overseas students received the necessary re-certification (due to the Sept. 11th tragedy and its ramifications on the US¡¯s policy towards acceptance of foreign students) and is a participant in the SEVIS System.
Accel was federally approved to accept overseas students in its English Language Program.
The Academy gained regional fame in 1995 when The Philadelphia Inquirer featured Accel Academy as its lead story in the ¡°Neighbors¡± section of the newspaper, commending the Academy for its high standards of excellence in instruction and education. Since the publication of this article, Accel has seen a more culturally diversified enrollment among its students.
Accel Academy became so prosperous that the school relocated. Instead of operating out of the lower level of an office building, Accel expanded to a two story office building.
Accel Academy opened its first school in Melrose Park, PA. The concept of the academy was to strengthen students¡¯ academic skills and motivate them to set ambitious standards for themselves while providing a competitive and nurturing environment. Accel Academy first started out as an SAT preparation center. Then, Accel expanded its instruction to high school subjects, then junior high subjects, then ESL instruction, and finally elementary school programs.